This is a very common question, as many people are looking to buy stun guns. There are not very many brick and mortar stores in which you can buy stun guns. These items are usually sold only in specialty police shops.

Flea markets and swap meets are excellent places to buy stunguns. Dealers will usually enterain offers on their merchandise. They expect you to haggle with them. Great deals can be had for those who are willing to look around a bit.

Places to buy stun guns online:

J&L; Self Defense Products is a great place to buy stun guns online . They have specialty stun guns and lots of police equipment. I highly recommend them because they only sell high quality products.

Combined Safety is another good place to buy a good stun gun. They always have FREE shipping and their competitive prices make them well worth considering.

Yellow pages has a small selection of stun guns review. If you are into hunting or sport shooting, they are an excellent online source for ammunition. You will also find police equipment, bulletproof vests, military surplus, and other tactical gear.



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