Ruger American Rimfire .22LR 22 Mag


Savage has been owning the inexpensive bolt action .22Lr market for years. Unfortunately for Savage, Ruger has just released their version and its awesome.

Thats right, were talking about the Ruger American Rimfire .22LR bolt action rifle. It also comes chambered in the beefy .22 Magnum round if you prefer.

Lets jump right into why this not just another cheap .22LR bolt action rifle.

It comes with the Ruger marksmanship trigger. This trigger is the best trigger Ruger makes for their rifles. Its fully adjustable  from around 3-6 pounds of pull strength. Some guys on youtube tested the pull and it was hitting 2.8 pounds out of the box. So finally a great trigger from day one and no need to get an aftermarket trigger.

Next up is the fact that while the Ruger American Rimfire is a bolt action, it takes the standard Ruger 10/22 magazines! There are lots of 10/22 magazines that will fit perfectly in this gun. Two of the best are the 10 round BX-1 rotary magazine and the BX-25 banana magazine.the 10 round fits flush with the stock of the gun and has a wonderful track record of fit and successful feeds.

You can get the Ruger American Rimfire with two barrel lengths that are the full size 22 or the compact 18.

The front sight is a high visibility fiber optic site and the rear sight can fold down if it gets in the way of your optics.

One of the other major features of the American Rimfire is the stock. Yes it comes with two different size stocks so you can comfortably use a scope and get your cheak up in the correct location. If youre a iron sights guy just leave the standard stock on, but its a very cool feature to have the option to simply mount a different stock on for a scope someday.

Its tapped for weaver bases and has the groves made into it.

Street price is going to be around $250.

Ruger american 22lr for sale

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