Remote controlled Firing


Huh. Thats a carbon-fiber octocopter armed with a .45 Taurus Judge revolver. I wouldnt have selected a revolver for this little stunt. I doubt that the drone can handle the kickback (I could barely handle the kickback). Maybe thats why there arent any uncut shots of the contraption firing and actually hitting anything.

Actually, I wouldnt have done this stunt at all given the fact that creating a remote-controlled trigger is illegal in most states. From the Fish & Game code of California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, etc etc

3003. (a) It is unlawful for any person to shoot, shoot at, or killany bird or mammal with any gun or other device accessed via an Internet connection in this state.

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Guns for Kids


Mother Jones recently ran a piece about Keystone Sporting Arms, the company that made and sold the childs rifle used by a 5-year-old in the accidental shooting of his sister last week. The story is accompanied by images from the companys kids corner photo gallery. Children, mostly girls, ranging in age from about 4 months to 14 years are shown posing with their rifles or proudly pointing to paper targets or dead animals.

But when I look at these pictures, I dont see Future Gun Nuts of America but rather young people who are working to master a skill that takes a challenging amount of responsibility. These kids probably feel very good to be trusted with something potentially deadly and satisfied when they use it properly.

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Visualizing The Impact Of Guns


How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? Interactive map created by  Slate and @GunDeaths visualizing the toll firearms have taken since Dec. 14.

In Un-Selling The Gun a couple of weeks ago I touched upon the problem of conveying the impact of firearms on the individuals and communities they effect. Humans arent always very good at understanding data. In fact, some studies have shown that comprehending specific amounts above the number 3 is still a relatively new skill. And thats where charts, maps, visualizations, and narratives come in handy. People will go to some interesting lengths to compensate for the limitations of the human brain.

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Editors' TakeGun Art

TrackingPoint Rifle: A Gun With Agency?


When I came across the story of the TrackingPoint rifle on NPR, A New Smart Rifle Decides When To Shoot And Rarely Misses, I was really looking forward to untangling the moral implications of a gun that fires when it wants. Based on the headline, I thought that the rifle had an auto-lock-and-fire functionality along the lines of a camera that wont shoot until all variables are within optimal levels. Or a military drone making surgical strikes.

If this was true, the technology would be a huge leap in the direction of seceding personal moral authority to a potentially deadly machine and I was totally jazzed and anxious about what this might mean for the future of guns and gun control and the concept of objects-with-agency.

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Mossberg 500 = Awesome


If you have ever looked for a nice all around shotgun then youve no doubt came across the Mossberg 500. There have to be at least 25 different models of this gun and then of course you can get different barrels and combinations making this gun unbelievably versatile.

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Gun Reviews – Things to Consider Before Getting Yourself a Handgun


Getting a handgun nowadays is relatively easy. There are many different gun shops that you can choose from that can provide you with a wide variety of handguns. However, finding the right handgun for you is a completely different story. Finding the perfect handgun is all a matter of preference. Keep in mind that what may be perfect for you may not be perfect for other people. This is why there are a couple of things that you should consider before you go and get yourself a handgun. Here are some of these things.

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Guns: Black Widow Mini-Revolver


North American Arms Black Widow Mini-Revolver

I tried the .22 caliber North American Arms Black Widow Mini-Revolver yesterday. It belonged to a friend who was shooting next to me at the range. He carried the revolver in a small pocket holster which slipped easily into an out of his pocket. The best thing about this revolver is its small size and lightweight. It is an excellent choice for a pocket weapon as long as you don’t mind the small caliber size of the bullet and the single action capability of the gun. After each round fired you have to pull back the hammer to fire it again.

During my test of the revolver I found it to be surprisingly powerful and accurate. I was used to shooting 22LR caliber ammunition from my handguns and found the .22 magnum ammunition used in this revolver to be much more powerful.

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Why Buy a Handgun – Just the Basics


This is a very intriguing issue nowadays, handgun and self defense. Most people especially parents encourage their children to learn martial arts such as Taekwondo, kick boxing and Aikido for self defense purposes. It is indeed undeniable that those moves are proven effective, but the use of a handgun is also becoming another handy option these days.

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