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North American Arms Black Widow Mini-Revolver

I tried the .22 caliber North American Arms Black Widow Mini-Revolver yesterday. It belonged to a friend who was shooting next to me at the range. He carried the revolver in a small pocket holster which slipped easily into an out of his pocket. The best thing about this revolver is its small size and lightweight. It is an excellent choice for a pocket weapon as long as you don’t mind the small caliber size of the bullet and the single action capability of the gun. After each round fired you have to pull back the hammer to fire it again.

During my test of the revolver I found it to be surprisingly powerful and accurate. I was used to shooting 22LR caliber ammunition from my handguns and found the .22 magnum ammunition used in this revolver to be much more powerful.

Black Widow Mini-Revolver Problems

One of my problems that I had with this mini-revolver is that the handle size is so small that with my “weak” right hand I felt as if it were going to “jump” out of my hand with each trigger pull. You need to have strong hands and good grip for firing this revolver. Since I have some nerve related damage that effects the strength of my right hand, this gun may not be a good choice for me.

This is not a rapid fire gun in as much as you have to pull the hammer back every time you fire. You’re limited to five rounds of ammunition. If you can live with these limitations then it is an excellent gun for pocket carry due to its small size and light weight.

Something that did bother me about this gun was the fact that I would have to “think” every time I shot it. Due to its small size I used extreme care as to the placement of my hands on the gun, the pulling back of the hammer and the squeezing of the trigger. The gun has no trigger guard. In a self defense scenario where I would probably be panicked and shaking, I don’t want to (and probably couldn’t) do a lot of thinking about how to shoot the gun. I just want to grab and shoot. I would be a little afraid to do that with this gun, but that made just be because I am not familiar with it. With more practice, who knows?

Black Widow Mini-Revolver Recommendation

I found nothing wrong with the quality of the gun. It appeared to be very solid and well constructed. If it wasn’t for my week hands, I would probably by one.


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