The Glock 39 Gen 3 is a semi-automatic small-frame revolver chambered in .45 GAP. The G39’s cartridge, .45 GAP, is a smaller version of .45 ACP & offers comparable stopping power. However, the round was invented explicitly for compact pistols like the G39.

The G39 has official Glock features such as a polymer glock 39 Grip that’s incompetent making it 1.6 pounds loaded. On the front of the grip are thumb grooves & the sides have a coarse texture that seems a bit like sandpaper. Its double-action trigger is more “safe-action” meaning the security is on the trigger rather than the side. The only way around can fire is if the shooter pulls the trigger because its internal configuration won’t allow the firing pin to punch forward any other way. This prevents accidental discharges if the pistol is dropped.

Glocks have a simple, reliable & easy-to-use design, which is why they’re the favored handgun for many law enforcement offices. Glock recommends the G39 for secreted carry.

The 37 will find fabulous favor with uniformed patrol deputies who carry their service sidearm in a duty fashion glock 39 Holster suspended from a 2.25″ duty belt. The 38, which was my preference of the three, measures a ½” shorter in length & not quite ¾” shorter in height. I found this gun to implement the perfect compromise between shoot ability & concealability, while still large rather to fit in a duty holster. To me, the 38 is the best all-around .45 GAP pistol currently executed.

That said, I will not be astonished if the sub-compact model 39 ends up the most popular model of the three. This palm-size gun was more comfortable to shoot than I thought, & it was still small enough to tuck into a waistb& under a t-shirt or into the pocket of a large overcoat like a wintertime parka. I think the short grip length will restrict this gun’s use as a duty pistol, but it will find great favor as a backup & off-duty weapon.

It appears that the frames used for the 9mm, .40 SW & .45 GAP pistols are the same, but the GAP slides are slightly more full while maintaining the same length as their 9mm/.40 SW counterparts. This is likely due to the broader cartridge the slide must house.

Test ammo supplied by Remington, Corbon & Federal came in a variety of bullet styles & weights. It appears the companies use the same bullets in the production of .45 ACP ammo as they do the.45 GAP. The velocity of the .45 GAP runs just about the equivalent as comparable .45 ACP loads.

On the Range
During a sunny Friday evening, the TDI training staff & I fired a total of 500 rounds through each Glock .45 GAP without a single failure. Although I had no way of accurately measuring, it seemed that the .45 GAP has less felt-recoil than the .45 ACP. (I admit this may be blank more than an individual perception on my part, but at the same time, is not understanding everything?) Regardless, rapid-fire drills, such as opening a Bianchi plate rack, proved quite simple to accomplish, & no one expressed interest about blast or felt-recoil impulse. (Actually, one shooter stated, “This feels quite similar to the .40 SW.”) & the .45 GAP cartridge showed more than accurate enough for police service, shooting 3″ handheld groups at 50 feet.

Like all Glock guns, these utilized simple, reliable Glock trigger mechanism, & they came with a white dot front sight & a white outline rear. At my age, I have discovered this glock 39 Sights system too white; all I see it a glob of white instead of a crisp sight view. These sights are more plastic & susceptible to damage when used in the rough world of law enforcement operations. Luckily, you can order all Glock pistols from the company with a set of high-quality night sights that are made of metal & offer a very sharp sight picture, even for those of us with aging eyes.

Overall Pros & Cons


  • Rust-resistant slide
  • Easy to shoot & maintain
  • Trigger is smooth to press, quick to reset
  • Light & easy to carry
  • Wide-mouth glock 39 Magazine


  • Factory sights are also white, & easier to deform than metal
  • Slide-lock lever located right below right-hand thumb
  • Grip angle too severe for many

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