To give a good Glock 19 review we should start at the beginning of where it all started to see how it became one of the most popular semi automatic handguns ever made.

It all started with an ambitious Austrian engineer named Gaston Glock who specialized in synthetic polymers. It was in 1982 that he pursued the task to build a new pistol for the Austrian military that had 17 specific guild lines to meet. He used his vast engineering back ground and the relativity new technology of polymer to build the first semi automatic handgun made of polymer. This hand gun was name model 17 after its 17th attempt to have a successful design.

This was a radically new design and some critics called it the plastic pistol and had little faith to its staying power in the competitive firearms market. Now called the Glock 17 it is used the world over by many military, special units, law enforcement agencies, and civilians. It is amazing that now Glock has taken over 65% of the market share of the United States law enforcement market.
With the success of this polymer gun over twenty different models of it are now available. The Glock 19 came along in 1988 and has risen to the top with its compact size and exceptional reliability. It was built to the same high standards as the original one that set the handgun world on fire in 1982.

So let’s take a look at what makes this compact semi automatic handgun now used by so many. First it has all the basic elements that made its bigger brother and all its cousins that make it a unique firearm. Like its safe action innovative safety design with three safeties that all function with the trigger. When the trigger is pulled they are all deactivate and reactivated when the trigger is released. This leave the shooter to only have to worry about one thing… finger away from trigger is safe.

Built to be reliable with its light polymer body and grip that is tough as steel and 86% lighter. The barrel and slide are coated in a state of the art finish called Tenifer. This is some awesome stuff it is almost as hard as diamond (64 HRC). You can take a dime and grind it on top the slid and it will wear the dime down with on harm to the slide. If you’re a Glock owner you need try this with your shooting buddies they will be surprised.

This all makes for a non reflective finish, corrosion resistant and light weight gun made to work without fail in all conditions. You can run this gun through mud, sludge, sand, salt water, extreme heat, and arctic environments with reliability. This is one reason why it must be used buy some many in military and law enforcement agencies.

Even with its compact size it has a high ammo compactly with its 15 round magazines and being chambered in the proven caliber 9×19 Parabellum Luger also call 9mm auto. This is solid ammunition used throughout the world. You can find many types of loads to meet your needs. You can even use the 17 model mag. that holds 17 rounds or a 33 round mag. can be bought at most gun shops.

So what is the size of this compact 9mm: length 175mm / 6.85in, height 127mm / 5.00in, width 30mm / 1.18in and weight 595gm / 21oz.

The line of sight is 153mm / 2.02in this will let you place constant accurate shots on target. This all makes for a great choice for a duty , back up gun, a civilian concealed carry, or home defense 9mm semi automatic handgun.

So to sum this up The Glock 19 is a reliable tough compact semi atomic handgun that gives you the fire power of a full size pistol in a more manageable size. Even the Gunny from the History Chanel recommends it.

The price of a Glock 19

So what is the price of a Glock 19

Anyone that has ever bought and owns one of these great pistols will tell you that it is one of the best values and best priced semi automatic handguns on the market today. Looks like those at Glock kept that in mind with Glock 19 price also, with this solid compact model. They give you one of the most reliable and toughest firearms you can find anywhere.

With the ongoing new laws, regulation and demand in the firearms market prices on guns and ammunition have greatly increased over the past few years. With this the 9×19 Parabellum Luger or called the 9mm auto has become one of the most cost effective handgun loads you can shoot at the moment. The cost of ammo is still reasonable and the fire power of the 9mm is excellent. Many government agencies, sport shooters, home defense users, and concealed carry civilians like its reliability and availability.

So when you take in to consideration the time you spend at the range training to be most efficient with your with your firearm you should take in to count the cost of ammo when evaluating the Glock 19 price.  Another thing to think about is that in our now economic times a purchase of a good gun may be more voluble than the price of gold. It will have an immense tradable value along with the ammo alone.

The most likely places to get the best Glock 19 price are at some of these locations that may be right in your local area.  Pawn shop, gun shows, local gun shop, online at your own computer, or a friend may be willing o sell his. Remember a good used Glock 19 priced right is better than no Glock.

You can try a pawn shop there are people who are always in the need of money and turn to a pawn shop to sell their guns too. If they don’t have any let the shop owners know what you are looking for and how much you would be willing to pay. The owner would be glad to keep a look out for one and let you know about it.

Gun shows are held all the time around the country the odds are there is one in your local area. These gun shows are a great place to shop. Most of the booth owners only do shows and have a low business over head and can pass the savings on to the purchasers. Also if they do not have something most times they are will to order it for you form one of their suppliers because this is a sure sale for them. Gun shows are a great place to test your negotiation skills and get the best price.

Online is always a great place to shop for the best pricing for your Glock 19. There are many online gun dealers to be found and like those at the gun shows they typically have a low overhead too. One thing to conceder is when buying online is that the firearm has to be transferred to someone that has a Federal Firearms license, like your local gun shop or maybe a pawn shop owner that has one. This will most likely have a nominal fee that will have to be paid to them for helping in your transaction.

If you have a gun that you do not use anymore see what some of these places will give you for the trade in value of it toward your purchase.  Even if it is broken it still may be worth more than you think.

With so many likely places to get your Glock 19 the price will vary between about $438 and $650 so take the time to shop around and you will find the price you are willing to pay. Always know your local laws and get your hand gun permits ahead of time. Planning a head will give you an opportunity to find the best price.

Having your own Federal Firearms license is one way you can buy all of your guns at wholes prices. There are many people doing this now and selling firearm from their homes and gun shows.  Some do it to make extra money; some just do it so they can buy at the best prices to add to their gun collections.

Customize Your Pistol with Glock 19 Accessories

If you have just recently acquired one of the most popular handguns in the world, this article will provide you a detailed guide on the different options available on Glock 19 accessories.

So you have one of the most in demand and highly coveted handguns. Neat! You probably can’t wait to test it and flaunt it stunningly sleek design to your firing buddies. You are not alone in that department. In fact, a lot of men and more than a handful of women have been known to wax poetic when it comes to their favorite pistol.

You’d be happy to know that one of the great things about your Glock 19 is the fact that you can customize it to your heart’s desire. Why settle for the ordinary design that everyone else is sporting, when you can put own personal stamp on it.

Of course, beyond the design, comfort is also a primary consideration. There are a number of Glock 19 accessories that you can choose from to add more premium features to your handgun. Below are some of the options you can consider:

Rear Sight and Front Sight Glock 19 Accessories

For the rear sight, there are 4 different options that you can choose from to customize your Glock 19 9mm pistol. There are adjustable rear sights, steel sights, night sights, and as well as the standard polymer sights. You can also choose 4 different sizes for your rear sights such as the 7.3 mm, 6.9 mm, 6.5 mm and the 6.1 mm. The latter is the standard size for the rear sight, although choice would largely vary depending on comfort and personal preference.

Additionally, your pistol can also accommodate a number of Glock 19 accessories for your front sight. This includes the steel front sight, the night sight and the polymer front sight. The latter is also the standard choice for the front sight of a Glock 19 handgun.

Other Optional Glock 19 Accessories

Aside from the rear and front sights, there are other great Glock 19 accessories that you can consider if you want to step it a few notches up. For people who are looking for a better and more comfortable thumb rest, you can order and install an extended slide stop level. This is especially ideal for people who have a left hand grip.

When it comes to trigger pulls, there are 3 different Glock 19 accessories for this area which vary on the weight, such as the 8.0 lb, the 5.5 lb and the lightest is the 4.5 lb. Your Glock 19 comes with the standard 5.5 lb trigger pull.

Now, if you want to avail of more options for your magazine, you can easily choose one that would best fit you. The available options include the oval magazine, the extended as well as the standard one.

Aside from the above mentioned options, there are still a number on customizations you can do such as on the trigger spring, the firing pin spring and spring cups. So take time to check out the available Glock 19 accessories that best suit your taste and preference.

Top 3 Glock 19 Concealed Carry Weapon Holsters

So you have chosen a Glock 19 concealed carry weapon. That’s great. It is a popular choice of many. Among the different Glock models, this one is especially practical due to its compact design.

Now that you have a permit to carry Glock 19 concealed carry weapon, you may have probably realized what most other gun owners have discovered. The thing is, carrying a handgun gives you that comforting thought of safety, but it does not necessarily mean it is comfortable to carry around. While there are a wide variety of gun holsters readily available for your Glock 19 concealed carry weapon, it can be a challenge to look for one that best suits you.

Considerations on Glock 19 Concealed Carry Weapon Holsters

Sure, there are a thousand and one varieties of holders for your Glock 19 Concealed Carry Weapon. Some even claim to be softer and smoother than a baby’s backside for that exceptional comfort. But well all know better than to take all these available choices at face value.

So what at the major considerations? Your carry mode should take into account your lifestyle. It should fit well with how you plan to carry your gun. Then, you also need to carefully consider a holster than will blend in with your dress style. Now, this may sound superficial, but you definitely don’t want your holster to stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of your clothing.

You will also need to consider comfort. Keep in mind that carrying a gun does not prevent you from going about your day to day tasks and routine. This will naturally include sitting, driving a car, working, possibly attending a function and yes, socializing. Your holster should be able to complement all these activities with ease. This can mean investing in a high quality design.

Let us also not forget the fact that there will be instances that you will be forced to come out of a rain, most people seem to forget that little fact. With this in mind, make sure you choose a holster that can withstand the brunt of nature as well as the usual wear and tear.

Highly Recommended Glock 19 Concealed Carry Weapon Holsters

Serpa Lock Holster
First on the list is the Serpa Lock Holster, which is designed to make you forget and get rid of the old fashion thumb break, which only slows down your draw as well as complicate the re-holstering process.

It also comes with the patented Serpa lock that automatically engages the pistol’s trigger guard as you holster it. With this design you don’t have to worry about awkward middle finger releases to get in your way especially during combat.

Silhouette High Ride Holster

This holster is compact and versatile, perfect complement for your Glock 19 concealed carry weapon. It has an open muzzle design, which is widely preferred by most gun owners. This holster is specially hand molded in order to flawlessly fit any handgun frames.

It features a durable thumb break to provide better security and allow better accessibility during combat. It also has a retention strap configuration which is available based on specific handgun models.

King Tuk IWB Holster

This product is distributed by Galco and is known to be superior in terms of versatility, comfort and speed. It has the patented backing plate which is constructed with saddle leather as well as Napa leather on its front section. Combined with the rigid holster pocket, it allows faster draws and easy holstering.

This type of holster is worn inside a waistband so it comes with metal bent clips which are removable. Another great thing about this holster is the fact that it comes with optional c-hooks for enhanced concealability.

When it comes to your choice of gun holsters, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and function, you can have both. Check out these highly recommended Glock 19 Concealed Carry Weapon holsters readily available in the market today.

Why Consider Getting Extended Glock 19 Magazines?

The Glock 19 magazines feature a standard capacity of 15 rounds.  But whether you simply want to plink, participate in shooting competitions or use the pistol for duty, a few extra rounds definitely wouldn’t hurt.  The great thing about this type of handgun is the fact that it can accommodate larger magazine capacities. With your Glock 19, you have the option to use the 33 rounds, the 17 rounds and the standard 15 rounds.

Why Purchase an Extended Glock 19 Magazine?

For some people, it would simply mean extra expense. But if you are a firearm enthusiasts, there are a number of great advantages of getting an extended Glock 19 magazine. First on the list is the fact that with additional rounds, it is faster and more efficient to change magazines. Additionally, you can continue to keep your eyes focused on your target while conveniently dropping the spent magazine. Not to mention convenience — to operate an extended Glock 19 magazine, a slight shift of the thumb is all it takes.

The question is, is buying an extended magazine worth the extra expense? Most definitely. With an extended Glock 19 magazine, it makes the releasing of the magazine supremely easier. You no longer have to fumble just to find the release button. Some people claim that it also doesn’t take as much force to release, and you can even release a magazine using one hand.

Guide to Installing Extended Glock 19 Magazines Catch GMC02
If you are up to the challenge of installing the extended Glock 19 magazine, specifically the Catch GMC02 on your own, you can do so using the following tools: sandpaper, flashlight and a tiny flat edge screwdriver. Please see instruction below:

1. Carefully remove the standard magazine and slide from the pistol.

2. Get your new extended magazine and check out for sharp corners. You may use the fine grit of the sandpaper to buff it down so it will not hurt the magazine release button every time you press it.

3. Looking down from the very top of the pistol’s receiver, look for the magazine release spring. This is the silver strip of metal that is contained inside the plastic’s elongated V channel.

4. Carefully remove the existing magazine catch. To do this, you will need to first dislodge the release spring of the magazine.

5. Using a flat head screw, gently move the release spring to the right before twisting the screw driver a bit in order to get beneath the release spring and successfully release it from its notch.

6. Now, you can push the release button of the magazine to make the release spring slide out of the receiver’s right side.

7. Next, gently insert the screw driver’s blade in between the magazine release spring and the receiver frame. You can now then insert and position the new extended Glock 19 magazine. Make sure to carefully pry away the release spring away from the frame before you push the extended magazine behind it.

8. To complete the installation process, you will need to press the catch all the way up until you gear the release spring snap back into the slot.

A lot of people claim a 33 round magazine is just a novelty and impractical. But for a firearm enthusiast who loves to shoot and work with guns, for work or leisure, an extended Glock 19 magazine is a great alternative to seriously consider.

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