What is a Good 9mm Review?

Buying a 9mm pistol for your own protection is an important decision to make. If you are one of those individuals who are caught in a middle of reflection whether a handgun keeps you safe or puts your life in jeopardy, know that you are not alone in this dilemma. At this time, you do not know how safe you are in your neighborhood or when an assault occurs. Thus, being ready to defend yourself at all times is necessary. However on the other hand, having a gun around the house post danger as well because you might get dependent on it that when you will be provoked, you will get your gun to intimidate someone, worst fire it out of emotional outburst. Also, if you have children around the house, they may find your gun and play with it.


But, whatever reasons you may have, buying a handgun can be beneficial to your security. There are dangers, yes; hence proper safekeeping and strong discipline on the use of the weapon must be remembered all the time. When buying a pistol, you want to get the best value for your money. So, before paying for anything, you need to be certain which brand and model are the best and what features does each model offer. This is where product reviews come in handy.

Now, you may ask what a good review is. An excellent feedback on a particular product doesn’t have to be all positive. There are reviews that are usually found in the forum, written by real buyers. They usually provide feedback because they are very happy with the product or dismayed with it and want to make sure that nobody buys the same product anymore. Also, a good review provides the pros and cons of a product, showing the writer’s personal opinion of it. It doesn’t have a sales-pitch and it doesn’t have to be in perfect grammar.

The Best Nines to Own

Looking for the best 9mm handgun? That should not be a problem since there are quite a few high-caliber pistol guns to own. With a 9mm handgun, you could easily protect yourself from offenders as this is easy to use and shoot. Since this is a pocket gun, you can carry it whenever and wherever you go to. To shop for pocket guns, here are 3 best ones to choose from.

Springfield Armory XDm9

If you want a handgun that holds up to 19 rounds of magazine, this model definitely has the highest capacity for 9mm pistol. With a slight kick from recoil, this handgun is easy and comfortable to shoot. It has aggressive styling; yet very easy to maintain and disassemble. It has ranked 1st among the 3 popular brands because of its well-designed grip and trigger that reliably breaks at around 6 pounds of pressure. The only low points about this model is that it weighs 32 ounces, which is slightly heavy and it’s not made in the United States. The Springfield Armory XDm9 costs around $600.

Glock Model 17 Gen 4

Glock pistols are popular handguns in many different countries. It is light weight as it only weighs up 22 ounces. Still considered as a high capacity gun, Glock Model 17 Gen 4 can hold up a 17-round magazine. It is ranked 2nd best handgun model due to its consistent reliability, durability and simplicity. When it comes to its aesthetic, the polymer frame the coated stainless steel slide is exceptionally rugged and weather resilient. The Glock is commonly used by police officers. The low points: it has less features compared to XDm and its quality sights are lesser. The price for this model is around $550.

Smith and Wesson MP9

The third popular 9mm pistol model is Smith and Wesson MP9, is also considered high capacity with 17 round magazines. It is also lightweight at 24 ounces and its quality sights are high. However, this model is new to the market place. And when it comes to the cleaning part, it is difficult to take apart. But, for the price of $530, it is already a good buy.

Buying the best 9mm 

You actually have a lot of options if you currently looking for a 9mm handgun right now. Some of the 9mm pistol models that are made by the top gun manufacturers in the country now have some really amazing features which can offer fantastic benefits to the owner. Choosing a handgun that will suit you best actually depends on your requirements and your needs.

Check out the top 9mm handguns that you can get in the market right now:

Smith and Wesson MP9 ($524.99)

  • Has a high capacity magazine that can load up to 17 bullets
  • Weighs only 24 ounces
  • Has minimal kick and very comfortable to shoot with
  • Has really high quality sites
  • Has ambidextrous control feature
  • Made in USA

Glock Model 17 Gen 4 ($54.99)

  • Has a high capacity magazine that can load up to 17 bullets
  • Very light weight and weighs only 22 ounces
  • Proven to be extremely reliable and durable
  • Very easy to dismantle and maintain
  • A lot of accessories to choose from
  • Comfortable to use when shooting and has minimal kick

These two 9mm handgun models are some of the best sellers in the market right now. As you can see these handguns are very light weight but they are made from extremely durable materials. A lot of people also really like these models since they are perfect for aiming at or even shooting some moving targets since they have a very minimal kick.

One of the best ways for you to find the best deals for these handguns is to visit some online gun shops. Some of the most reputable online gun shops online are known to have some really high quality Glock and Smith and Wesson handguns which they sell for very competitive prices. This is a great way for you to get the best 9mm handgun that you can ever find for a really good price.

How to Find the Best 9mm Handgun in the Market

Buying a gun is a great way to ensure your safety especially if you are living in a part of the country with a really high crime rate. If you are going to buy a gun for protection you need to make sure that it is perfect for you in every way. This is to make sure that you can properly protect yourself using the gun at times that you are facing a risk.

Most people chose to buy a handgun since it is light and very easy to use. It would also be very impractical for a person to buy a sub machine gun for protection from criminals. One of the best options that you have if you are looking for a handgun with sufficient firepower and proven reliability is a 9mm handgun. There are now a really wide variety of 9mm handgun models from different gun manufacturers that you can choose from. All of the models have really great features which you could find really amazing especially if you want to find the handgun that will suite you perfectly.

So you want to find the perfect 9mm handgun in the market? Below are the tips on how you could find one very easily:

  • Don’t forget to do your homework and learn all there is that you need to know about 9mm handguns. The knowledge that you have acquired will help you to know which 9mm handgun will suit you best.
  • Always make sure that you buy a handgun from the top gun manufacturers in the country. This will give a guarantee that you will get a really high quality gun.
  • Consider shopping for a gun in the internet since it is the best place to find amazing deals for the best 9mm guns in the market.

A lot of people who have used these tips now have the best 9mm handgun has all of the features that they wanted, and the best part is that they bought it as a really affordable price.

Buy The best 9mm handgun now!

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