Glock Pistols

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Glock Pistols are manufactured by the Austrian weapons manufacturer Glock which was founded by Gaston Glock.

Glock pistols use high-strength polymer materials on their frames. The polymer (Polymer2, a type of synthetic plastic) used in Glock pistols is corrosion resistant that exceeds the specifications of stainless steel.

When metals are exposed to extreme temperatures, they become brittle and prone to break easily. Polymers are immune to this and are tougher than steel, almost approaching the hardness of diamonds.

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Varmint rifles

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Varmint rifles typically are small bore, high power and extra high velocity flat trajectory cartridges rifles, able to take down small til medium game from rat till even feral dog. Equipped with high magnification telescopic fights for long range shooting, experienced varmint hunters have good results at target even at extreme far away ranges.

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Best 9mm review


What is a Good 9mm Review?

Buying a 9mm pistol for your own protection is an important decision to make. If you are one of those individuals who are caught in a middle of reflection whether a handgun keeps you safe or puts your life in jeopardy, know that you are not alone in this dilemma. At this time, you do not know how safe you are in your neighborhood or when an assault occurs. Thus, being ready to defend yourself at all times is necessary. However on the other hand, having a gun around the house post danger as well because you might get dependent on it that when you will be provoked, you will get your gun to intimidate someone, worst fire it out of emotional outburst. Also, if you have children around the house, they may find your gun and play with it.

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Glock 19 Review


To give a good Glock 19 review we should start at the beginning of where it all started to see how it became one of the most popular semi automatic handguns ever made.

It all started with an ambitious Austrian engineer named Gaston Glock who specialized in synthetic polymers. It was in 1982 that he pursued the task to build a new pistol for the Austrian military that had 17 specific guild lines to meet. He used his vast engineering back ground and the relativity new technology of polymer to build the first semi automatic handgun made of polymer. This hand gun was name model 17 after its 17th attempt to have a successful design.

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Smith and Wesson MP9 Review – A Quick Get-to-Know for Potential Buyers


Before you start searching for an online store to buy a Smith and Wesson M&P9, you might want to check out this quick review. With the many brands of hand guns available in the market today, it is best to choose the best one that fits you right. In this Smith and Wesson MP9 review we are going to tackle the basics like specifications, features, advantages and cons.

The Specifications

  • SRP Price: $449
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazine: 7 and 8 maximum rounds
  • Weight When Empty: 19 ounces
  • Action: Striker Fired
  • Sights: Three dots made of stainless steel
  • Overall length: 6.1 inches
  • Barrel Length: 3.1 inches
  • Finish: Melonite Black
  • Materials: Polymer frame, stainless steel slide and barrel

The price varies depending on the store and the shipment. When purchasing, make sure to check the credibility of the online gun store you wish to place your orders with.

The Features

Although it’s one of the smallest of the M and P series, it sure has the flourishes and ruffles that the big ones have. It is also trimmed down so that it fits just right for weaker cartridges like the .380.

The Pros:

  • Load recoil is very manageable even with +P loads
  • It is very accurate up to 25 yards.
  • Smooth shooter
  • Action cycle is smooth
  • The trigger pull is about 7 pounds which is not an issue to most shooters.
  • Does not have any hiccups like a stovepipe, FTF or FTE.
  • The short placement is accurate even if you use 50 rounds of 124grs FMJ PMC brass and 50 rounds of 115grs FMJ Federal.

The Cons and Conclusion

Honestly, there is not one remorse to recommend except that it’s quite rare to find. It is simple, accurate and easy to maintain. It is definitely ideal for anyone especially beginners.a

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Rifles Sight

Konus optics


We all have busy lives. This is the very same reason that most of us find respite by picking up a hobby that best reflects our personality. For many people, being a rifle enthusiast and consequently a hunting aficionado, is just one of the best ways to have a good time and excel in it altogether. However, there are many brands in the market that would make an ordinary or occasional enthusiast at a loss as to which offers the most performance for a reasonable price. While other brands offer really amazing output, they aren’t too friendly when shelling off hard earned cash is concerned.

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Why You Should Own a Smith and Wesson MP9


There are many types of handguns out there that you can choose from. However, there are also several factors that you must consider before you decide to buy one. Some people prefer Glocks while some prefer Berettas. At the end of the day, it will all come down to one’s preferences. We all have different reasons for getting a gun. Those who are looking for ease of use and those who want to carry their handguns around with relative ease will definitely be pleased with what the Smith and Wesson MP9 can offer them. Here are some of the many reasons why you should own a Smith and Wesson MP9.

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Comfort Gun: A Hot Water Bottle That Packs Heat


Spotted this gem of a design on Co.Design this morning, adding support to my theory that UK designers/critics are just more comfortable than USers using guns and gun-forms to provoke critical thought.

The Comfort Gun is a hot water bottle that effectively puns on the ritual of sleeping with a pistol beneath ones pillow. I know people who actually do this. And I have observed that gun possession generally has a strong talismanic aspect some gun owners are afforded great psychological safety from just knowing that their Colt/Glock/Beretta is close at hand.

But what I love about this design is the way that it flipped this ritual into the space of the cozy and banal practice of sleeping with a hot water bottle. Instead of the sense of preparedness, intrigue, and danger that I associate with the gun-beneath-the-pillow, Comfort Gun makes me think of Grannies in flanel nightgowns and warm glasses of milk. And then my brain jumbles all these impressions together until I have burly gangsters in flannel nightgowns and cozy Grannies holding smoking guns.

It does this, in part, through the color palette certainly (though there are no shortage of fully operational pink firearms) but also the small quarter-inch edge around the pistol-shape. This was probably a result of the vacum-forming process but serves as the main cue indicating a non-operational gun. In my mind, that quarter-inch rim acts like the frame of a painting, removing the form of the thing from the use of the thing. Very interesting.

Kudos to designer Francis North. More information on this design and designer here.

sleeping gun

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Nike Shoes Transformed Into Pistols


Yesterdays post examined a piece of childrens furniture that appropriated the gun aesthetic. Today were flipping this idea to look at a collection of stunning concept guns that stole their look from Nike sneakers. Created by Australian graphic designer Phil Robson (aka Fil Fury), each of the Nike Air Max Assault Weapons takes the form of an existing firearm (Beretta, Uzi, etc) and remixes it with a running shoe. The result is a series of surreal, Nike-branded weapons that leaves me wondering what kind of world these objects might exist in.

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Making Guns: pistol forms as tools for creation


Ah, those critical UKers! First Tony Dunne on the need for a designers Hippocratic oath, then Francis Norths Comfort Gun. And now Ive found recent RCA grad James Shaw and his Making Guns, three gun-shaped tools for additive creation. Rather than spewing out speeding bullets, Shaws three homemade gadgets respectively shoot out papier mache, pewter, and blobs of recycled plastic.

But whats really fascinating about these funky object-makers is what the use of the pistol form can reveal about human impulses and the desire for control. T

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